Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

A Crown is required if your tooth has weakened or cracked over time to protect the remaining tooth structure. There are a number of different types of crown, all of which are available at The Meath Dental Clinic. We will choose with you, the crown best required for your individual situation to cover the damaged tooth in an aesthetically pleasing manner and ensure the tooth is protected.

A Bridge replaces a missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth made of porcelain to the adjacent tooth.

A Veneer is a thin layer of porcelain placed over the tooth if the tooth has become discoloured over time to restore the appearance of the teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed due to tooth decay or when existing fillings start to leak causing bacteria to enter the nerve of the tooth. A root canal stops bacteria that have already entered the nerve from spreading further and causing pain and infection. The bacteria is removed by cleaning out the root canals of the tooth and the root canals filled before sealing the tooth with a filling or crown.

Children's Dentistry

We believe a healthy and happy mouth starts at a young age. We encourage parents to bring their children to our practice from an early age by offering free child examinations for all children where a parent is registered at our clinic.

As a family orientated practice we demonstrate to children how to brush and floss their teeth so prevent decay and gum disease for life.
We provide fissure sealants for children to prevent decay in their permanent teeth. By using these preventative measures, we aim to encourage children to have good oral hygiene for the rest of their lives.


The most noticeable aspect of a person’s face is their smile. We believe a beautiful smile is important to all our patients. We provide whitening using trays specifically made for each patient. Each night the patient applies our high strength whitening gel to the trays and wears them over night. Our experience shows that this is the most efficient and comfortable way for patients to whiten their teeth while minimising side effects.